Global eHealth leader InterSystems has announced that it will release its next-generation laboratory business management system (LBMS) in early 2016.

“The nature of the laboratory business is changing dramatically,” said head of InterSystems’ solutions for the laboratory market, Martin Wilkinson. “While the pressure to deliver more test results at lower cost will only intensify, advanced information technology will enable laboratory professionals to be the drivers of change, not the victims.”

Market trends like healthcare industry consolidation are disrupting the laboratory business. Advances in automation, genomic testing, and the increased use of point-of-care testing will drive further shifts in where and when testing takes place. Next-generation systems will capture information at each stage of the healthcare continuum to enable unprecedented flexibility and clinical validity.

“Labs will inevitably need to move from a support service to a business that helps drive better healthcare outcomes,” said Wilkinson. “The next generation of informatics solutions are designed to manage the lab as an agile, knowledge-driven business in an increasingly interconnected world. Today’s laboratory information management systems fall short of what labs need. We are raising the bar by introducing the world’s first laboratory business management system, or LBMS, which will help customers transform from a reactive testing and results service to a proactive healthcare partner.”

An LBMS will enable laboratories to communicate lab results electronically, as well as identify their derivation, including workflows, equipment, and personnel involved, regardless of where they are located.

Connected care models and shared electronic health records will also see laboratory professionals become more directly involved in patient care. With a continuous view of the patient’s condition, lab professionals will extend their services into hospital wards and other settings.

The announcement follows the recent Health Systems Technologies (HST) contract with the Tanzanian Ministry of Health to roll out the InterSystems Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) in multiple laboratories across Tanzania. The deal is not only an important step forward in Tanzania’s eHealth development, but it also supports HST and InterSystems’ goal of growing their African footprint.

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