To mark World Asthma Day, Head of Marketing at Cipla SA, Peter Russell, explains how incorrect use of inhalers and non-adherence to treatment are two major contributors to the poor levels of asthma control we experience in South Africa.

South Africa has the highest asthma death rate in the world, according to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Detailed Mortality Database. Local research has also shown that less than 10% of asthmatics in South Africa have their asthma under control, which indicates that there is a clear need to improve asthma treatment adherence in the country.

This is an issue that has to be addressed with urgency and more scrutiny. All asthma sufferers should be in a position where they have access to the most appropriate inhalers for their specific needs and be able to use these inhalers optimally, as this is vital in fighting asthma in South Africa.


In an effort to alleviate this problem, Cipla recently launched its innovative inhaler called Synchrobreathe. This state of the art breath-actuated inhaler (BAI) will bring great relief to millions of South Africans with Obstructive Airway Diseases (OAD) such as asthma.

Synchrobreathe automatically delivers a dose of medicine as a mist when the patient inhales. The inhaler is very simple to use and eliminates coordination challenges, which is a major issue among South African patients who use inhalers. Synchrobreathe will also reduce the time that healthcare providers spend in teaching patients the correct way to use an inhaler.

In addition, the inspiratory flow required to automatically trigger the inhaler mechanism is low, which makes it attractive to a large number of patients, including old patients with severe lung impairment. Synchrobreathe is a breath-actuated inhaler with a true built-in dose counter allowing patients to track doses, thereby encouraging patient compliance.

Cipla has been at the forefront of innovation for inhalation therapy over the last 40 years with its respiratory products being available in over 100 countries. Cipla further prides itself on having end-to-end capabilities across respiratory care, covering the value chain from active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), formulation, device development and manufacturing to medical and patient education.

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