IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organisation dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, and the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) have announced the availability of IEEE 11073-20702™—Health informatics: Point-of-Care Medical Device Communication—Standard for Medical Devices Communication Profile for Web Services.

IEEE also announced the approval of two new healthcare-related standards projects: IEEE P1708™—Standard for Wearable Cuffless Blood Pressure Measuring Devices; and IEEE P1752™—Standard for Mobile Health Data.

Sponsored by the IEEE 11073™ Standards Committee (EMB/11073), IEEE 11073 family of standards are utilised to structure data and enable data transmission across multiple healthcare devices, ensuring effective interoperability and communication between medical, healthcare and wellness devices, as well as with external computer systems.

IEEE 11073-20702 defines a communication protocol specification for a distributed system of point-of-care (PoC) medical devices and medical IT systems that need to exchange data, or safely control networked PoC medical devices, by profiling Web Service specifications.

“IEEE 11073-20702 is the first standard that streamlines the integration of medical devices with the IP stack common to IT specialists around the world,” said Strategic Technology Program Director, IEEE-SA, Bill Ash.

“Ensuring the safe and secure transmission of healthcare data is essential to advance value-based healthcare, giving patients easy access to their medical information and simplifying IT processes for point-of-care facilities,” continued Ash.

IEEE P1708 is working to establish guidelines in a standardised way for manufacturers to qualify and validate their products, potential purchasers or users to evaluate and select prospective products, and healthcare professionals to understand the manufacturing practices on wearable, cuffless blood pressure (BP) devices.

The intent is to establish objective performance evaluation of wearable, cuffless BP measuring devices and may be applied for all types of wearable BP measurement devices, regardless of their modes of operation (e.g., to measure short-term, long-term, snapshot, continuous, beat(s)-to-beat(s) BP, or BP variability). The standard is independent of the form of the device or the vehicle to which the device is attached or in which it is embedded.

IEEE P1752 is intended to provide meaningful description, exchange, sharing and use of mHealth data to support analysis for a set of consumer health, biomedical research and clinical care needs. The standard will leverage data and nomenclature standards such as the IEEE 11073 family of standards for personal health devices as references, defining specifications for a mHealth data applications programming interface (API) and standardised representations for mHealth data and metadata. Furthermore, IEEE-SA is active on many eHealth related projects, including four standards in development addressing medical 3D printing undertaken by the IEEE 3333.2™ working group.

IEEE 11073-20702 is available for purchase at the IEEE Standards Store.

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