According to Telepresence Options, Huawei has launched its new mobile medical cart as a telemedicine solution to facilitate in remote real-time diagnosis.

The medical cart has been integrated with Huawei’s HD videoconferencing technologies, including a medical industrial PC, display and camera. The medical cart can also collect patient’s medical data, including their ECG, blood pressure, ultrasonic, electronic medical records (EMRs) and inspection reports, and present it to remote experts who  can use the rich data to better evaluate the patient and make a more accurate diagnosis. Experts can also log into the information system of local hospitals to input the doctor’s advice.

Huawei Medical Cart - EHNThe cart is able to stream 1080p HD dynamic dual images, providing a real “face-to-face” consultation environment and present important medical data of patients to the remote doctor. Huawei’s videoconferencing system features 9-level system backup mechanism and multi-level reliability design, ensuring the continuity and stability of the remote consultation.

It also delivers powerful end-to-end security protection, guaranteeing the safety of the consultation process and preventing the leakage of patient information.

The cart can access a hospital’s intranet via WiFi, optimising the clinical medical treatment and the nurse task management. The cart boasts powerful network adaptability and packet loss resilience that serves to improve the efficiency of image compression under the same bandwidth. It can provide the users with more vivid, clear images, ensuring stable audio and video communication under the different network environments.

The uptake of telemedicine in the healthcare industry is on the increase, especially in rural settings where specialists aren’t always available. It’ll be interesting to see if Huawei will introduce the cart to South Africa as part of their strategy to grow their operations in the country.

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