Leading global ICT solutions provider, Huawei, and French-based ICT integrator and cloud infrastructure provider, Diademys, have teamed up to provide global health cloud solutions.

Through the partnership, the two companies hope to jointly address the challenges in healthcare such as digitalising infrastructure and securing their data; as well as offer solutions across the industry for health, telemedicine and information systems.

The new Health Cirrus cloud from Diademys is a full Huawei private cloud using Huawei products such as OceanStore 5300V3 and Core Network Cloud Engine 68000.

The Cirrus solution enables companies to provide IT Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in an Opex model while delegating the management and piloting. That could be a global information system, one or more application or a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

“Huawei is the only technology vendor with a real healthcare strategy in France and good knowledge of the industry,” said President of Diademys Group, Fabrice Tetu.

In November 2015, Diademys received the status of ‘Authorised Hoster for Healthcare Data’ by the Ministry of Health and Agency of Shared Information Systems in Health (ASIP) Sante. These industry bodies aim to ensure the security of personal health data.

“Diademys plays a huge role in the cloud market in France and this is a great opportunity to help transform the health industry,” said Huawei France Enterprise Business General Manager, Robert Yang.

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