Australian non-profit, Spur Projects, is launching a global app-based real-time research study, called ‘How is the World Feeling?’ which aims to get 7 million participants to log their mood over a week.

From 10th to 16th October 2016, Android and iPhone users who downloaded the free app, which is available in 9 different languages, will be prompted throughout the day to log their emotions as well as what they’re doing and if they’re alone or with others.

The launch of ‘How is the World Feeling?’ follows Spur Projects’ pilot programme ‘How is Australia Feeling?’, which managed to successfully attract 20,000 participants in six days.

According to the non-profit, suicide is a worldwide epidemic, with over one million people taking their own lives each year.

“Poor mental health is major challenge both socially and economically. A major contributing factor to poor mental health and suicide is a feeling of isolation. The ability to see, in real-time, how 7 million people are feeling normalises the extremely broad range of emotions that are experienced every second of every day,” says Spur Projects on the new research study’s website.

The purpose of the ‘How is the World Feeling?’ study is twofold – to serve as a conversation starter about mental health and to collect a large data set that will be made available to researchers and anyone else who’s interested in it.

From the data researchers will be able to see when and why participants are feeling certain emotions.

“For example, the app can tell us information like: ‘Men between the ages of 18-22 are most anxious on weekday mornings between the hours of 8am and 10am when commuting to work, whereas women tend to peak in anxiety in the middle of the day and more prominently at the start of the week’,” said Spur Projects.

Through the app, participants will be able to generate a log of emotions, helping them more accurately measure their emotional experiences over time.  The app will also suggest localised tools and resources to help the user if they log a consistent pattern of negative emotions.

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