Israeli-based company HelpAround has developed a free emergency app especially for people living with diabetes and other chronic diseases or serious allergies.

For diabetic users, the Alert app pulls real-time blood glucose data from Apple’s HealthKit platform and then issues a notification when the user’s blood glucose level falls above or below predefined limits.

In a time of distress, the user can trigger the app by either shaking their smartphone or tapping a single red button, which triggers an emergency text massage with the user’s exact location to up to three care team members, such as family or healthcare workers, in five seconds unless the user stops the process. If Alert Voice is enabled, everyone is simultaneously dialled into a dedicated, private conference line.

Alert is the second app developed by HelpAround, a company that was founded in 2013 by Israeli Army R&D veterans and Shlomi Aflalo and Yishai Knobel, who has previous experience in diabetes mHealth platforms.

HelpAround’s first creation was the Diabetes Helpers app, which enables the user to locate people in their immediate area who could offer assistance during a diabetic episode.

“With Diabetes Helpers, we saw thousands of strangers stepping up to help each other, but we also learned how much fear our users cope with,” said Knobel. “We recognised that in times of trouble it is imperative for anyone to be able to easily reach the most trusted people in their lives.”

HelpAround is one of the first mHealth app developers to use HealthKit to create a real-time communications platform that’s triggered by biometric data.

The Alert app will soon be updated to offer the user an option to call 911 and Uber easily via buttons in the app.

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