Starkey Hearing Technologies, a global hearing technology company, has launched Livio AI as the world’s first Healthable™ hearing aid to utilise integrated sensors and artificial intelligence (AI).

According to Starkey, it’s also the first such device to track physical activity and cognitive health as measured by hearing aid use in social situations.

“What makes today a pivotal moment in the hearing industry is that with Livio AI, we have transformed a single-use device into the world’s first multi-purpose hearing aid, a Healthable with integrated sensors and AI. Livio AI is so much more than just a hearing aid, it is a gateway to better health and wellness,” said Starkey Hearing Technologies President, Brandon Sawalich.

According to Sawalich, the new Hearing Reality™ technology provides an average 50% reduction in noisy environments, reduced listening effort, and  enhanced clarity of speech, while the use of AI and integrated sensors enables it to optimise the hearing experience.

“AI, coupled with advanced sensing devices, is rapidly changing the world around us,” said Starkey Hearing Technologies Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Engineering, Dr Achin Bhowmik.

“We are proud to introduce these transformational technologies into the world of hearing aids to both optimise the users’ hearing experiences and enable them to continuously monitor and improve their overall health besides treating hearing loss, reducing the associated risks of dementia, anxiety and social isolation,” continued Dr Bhowmik.

The integrated 3D motion sensors inside Livio AI enable the hearing aids to detect movement, track activities and recognise gestures. The hearing aids communicate with each other and compatible mobile accessories to deliver real-time feedback about users’ overall body and cognitive health and fitness.

According to Dr Bhowmik, this technology allows people to take a proactive and personal approach to treating hearing loss, which has been linked to various health issues including dementia, cognitive decline, anxiety, stress, social isolation and an increased risk of falling.

Dr Bhowmik added that Livio AI is the first device utilising the ears to help users better understand not only how to improve their overall health and wellness, but also the deep connection between treating hearing loss and reducing health risks.

Livio AI is currently available in the US and Canada, with a global roll out expected to more than 20 countries in 2019.

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