HealthDocs, a product of Healthstream (Pty) Limited, is South Africa’s leading provider of medical practice support systems and patient engagement platforms.

HealthDocs delivers a cost effective connected health platform utilising mobile and web based technology that interfaces with multiple stakeholders within the healthcare system to drive efficiencies and improved patient outcomes.

The POPI compliant platform provides an interface for both medical practitioners and patients, which, in addition to other functionality, enables the digitisation of medical records, improves communication and clinical and administrative efficiencies whilst reducing medico-legal risk.

Where Implemented

HealthDocs was established in South Africa in 2016. Although most of its operations are limited to South Africa, a number of initiatives are underway in Africa and the Middle East.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

The current HealthDocs Practice product is being used by medical practitioners from multiple specialities and the HealthDocs Patient product is available to all patients free of charge. In addition, the HealthDocs platform is also being used by other industry stakeholders to drive education, efficiencies and improved clinical outcomes.

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