healthbank, the world’s first free citizen-owned health data transaction platform, has announced strategic partnerships with fellow Swiss-based Noser Health and Netcetera to engineer and bring to market its global health data transaction platform.

healthbank leverages Swiss neutrality, trust and data privacy to enable citizen users, researchers and organisations with large data sets to unlock the value of health and medical data on its independent, global transaction platform.

“Our business model is built on trust, neutrality, impact and growth,” said CEO at healthbank, Cooperative, Reto Schegg. “We are fortunate to have attracted partners such as Noser Health and Netcetera, who not only embrace these values, but also bring the leading-edge expertise required to deliver on them.”

The healthbank health data transaction platform connects data sources from all facets of the global healthcare ecosystem and rewards participants for sharing their data for research purposes. According to healthbank, they are partnering with leaders in healthcare and technology to make sure users experience a safe, efficient and user-friendly way to store, share and access personal health data.

The new healthbank platform will empower users to better understand and manage their health, improve communications with healthcare providers, family members and others in the health ecosystem while accelerating research.

“Netcetera is very excited to engage with healthbank to engineer the backbone of the new platform focusing on data security and stability,” said CEO at Netcetera, Andrej Vckovski. “Because Netcetera specialises in highly secure and mission-critical systems, this is an excellent fit for us.”

“Noser Health is thrilled to have the opportunity to engineer the front-end user interface of such a compelling platform, which must consider diverse healthcare standards and security norms, while delivering an exceptional user experience across a multitude of devices,” said Head of Noser Health, at Noser Engineering AG, Martin Straumann. “healthbank’s new platform has been conceptualised to innovate and empower the user with the potential to completely change the way we manage our healthcare.”

Users will manage and control their data on the new healthbank platform and they alone will decide whether to share their data with healthcare providers, family members, researchers and others.

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