The Football Players Health Study at Harvard University has partnered with Sage Bionetworks to launch a new ResearchKit app that aims to examine the health of former National Football League (NFL) players, called TeamStudy.

The TeamStudy app, designed with the help of former NFL players, will focus on health issues that matter most to them such as memory, balance, heart health, pain and mobility.

“By bringing the Football Players Health study to this app, we’re able to easily capture data from participants all over the nation, enabling us to better understand the everyday experiences of former NFL players,” said TeamStudy principal investigator, Professor Alvaro Pascual-Leone.

“When we leave the game, there is not enough information available for us to understand our state of health. For years, we’ve asked ourselves these questions: “’Should my joints have this much pain? Is my memory normal? Should I be concerned about my heart health?’” said former NLF line backer, Dat Nguyen.

The app will also collect data from the general public, including athletes and non-athletes to create a control group. These participants will be able to contribute questions to the study and receive statistics as well as other findings from the study.

“Using ResearchKit, we will be able to quickly identify patterns that could lead to treatments for health conditions faced by former NFL players,” concluded Pascual-Leone.

TeamStudy is available for free download from the App Store.

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