Leading healthcare and pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has appointed former Wal-Mart Stores Executive, Karenann Terrell, as its new Chief Digital and Technology Officer as the company looks to smart technology systems to improve performance across the group.

The move comes ask GSK looks to expand its digital footprint across all digital platforms, from clinical trials to customer interactions.

Major drug makers are grappling with the effects of technology on their businesses, as digital apps offer patients new ways to monitor their health and online communications with prescribers and consumers become routine, reported Reuters.

Terrell, who left Wal-Mart as Chief Information Officer in February, will join GSK in September and will be a member of the senior corporate executive team in her new role, said GSK.

In her previous role at Wal-Mart, Terrell led a multi-year effort to transform Wal-Mart in the use of data, analytics and digital engagement with its customers.

At GSK, Terrell will be responsible for developing GSK’s digital, data and analytics strategy and will work with a wide range of partners from inside and outside the healthcare sector to bring new technologies to GSK, enhancing areas such as clinical trials and drug development; improving how the company interacts with healthcare providers, customers and consumers, and making internal processes more efficient.

“The impact of technology on the healthcare industry is accelerating and requires us to rethink our approach. As a member of the Executive Team, Karenann will have the scope to think radically about how we can exploit the latest opportunities and ultimately improve our business performance,” said GSK’s newly-appointed CEO, Emma Walmsley.

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