On 18th February the Groote Schuur Hospital (GSH) Innovation Programme presented an array of projects, ranging from behavioural change workshops to eHealth systems, developed by hospital staff who hope to further realise and implement their healthcare solutions.

The programme launched in October 2014 in collaboration with Inclusive Healthcare Innovation to find the next ingenious healthcare tools and practices. The programme will provide the funding and expertise to support staff in realising their ideas, as well as provide the necessary funding, expertise and mentorship throughout 2015.

Groote Schuur Hospital - EHN

Coaching Initiative

The showcase consisted of numerous projects that were developed over the past three months by teams from across the hospital. Each project was displayed on a poster to give a complete overview of what problem they are trying to solve; what their innovative idea is; what impact their project could have and how they will measure it; and how their idea can be taken to other areas of the hospital and beyond.

A team from the Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, developed an idea for a Mobile Referral Application to improve the efficiency of inpatient referrals to cardiology and other departments. They envision a free to download mobile application that would efficiently refer patients; include key information, such as medical history, required to make management and therapeutic decisions about inpatient referrals; and enable easier contact with cardiologists at GSH for advice.

Groote Schuur Hospital - EHN

Training Innovation

Another eHealth innovation was developed by the Neurology and Dermatology Divisions, Department of Medicine, in the form of a GSH Referral Portal. The current paper-based referral system to out-patient clinics has been identified as a slow and cumbersome process that is vulnerable to errors and provides little feedback on patient outcomes. The team therefore envisions a web-based, mobile friendly electronic referral system built on the UCT LAMP site platform is the solution. They believe the eHealth system will enable two way communications between doctors and improve patient waiting times, and will also be an important element of future electronic patient records.

Groote Schuur Hospital - EHN

eHealth Application

A team representing the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at UCT have developed a mobile Orthopaedic Patient Data Management System, called Nail iT, which can collect and manage Orthopaedic patient records. The doctors behind the solution believe the simple data entry interface along with automated functions will improve efficiency and reduce duplication of work, and also allow for easy sharing of information.

Interested members of the public were invited to vote for their top three favourite projects to help the programme decide which projects to fund. The top chosen solutions will be presented to the Western Cape DoH in October 2015.

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