Greenfield is a professional services consultancy with a special interest in projects that enhance service delivery in Africa. Greenfield’s solution-focused approach identifies opportunities for tangible and sustainable service strengthening.

Greenfield has unique knowledge and experience with various aspects of ICT for Health, particularly dealing with economic impact, strategy, leadership and regulatory aspects of eHealth.

Where Implemented

Greenfield’s clients extend across public and private sectors, in South Africa and abroad.

A recent Greenfield led project is the Study on Regulatory Aspects of eHealth in sub-Saharan Africa, successfully completed for the European Space Agency. Partners were Jembi Health Systems, Thales España and German Fraunhofer Institute. The study reviewed the current status of eHealth regulation in 48 African countries and 5 good practice countries elsewhere. It produced an eHealth Reference Regulatory Model (RRM), eHealth Regulation Readiness Index (RRI) and roadmaps for the way ahead. A summary report is available from Greenfield or eHealth News Africa.

Greenfield supports NGO tinTree International eHealth Leadership and Development Network and their eHealth strengthening activities in a number of African countries and regional economic communities.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

Greenfield has been building consortia to tackle interesting health service delivery challenges since it launched in South Africa in 2006. Greenfield’s projects focus on organisational strengthening in hospitals and clinics, eHealth and capacity building. Greenfield works with a range of healthcare organisations, including hospitals and population health NGOs.

Greenfield is a strong training provider accredited with the South African Health Sector Training Authority (SETA).

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