The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given a grant to Canadian based Fio Corporation, a health and technology company, to deploy its rapid diagnostic eHealth solution, called Fionet, to fight Ebola in West Africa.

Fionet will enable health workers to access an instant diagnosis and record the data which can then be transmitted through a cloud based platform. The solution will also allow patients to receive their results immediately, and can then be isolated appropriately if they are infected.

“In an outbreak, it is crucial for health workers to capture data at point of care — if health workers don’t get that data, no one gets that data. It’s equally crucial to treat immediately, on first encounter with the patient — but you can’t treat what you haven’t diagnosed,” said Chairman and CEO at Fio, Dr Michael M. Greenberg. “Fionet fuses automated data capture with on-the-spot diagnostics. The Gates Foundation is accelerating our capability to be of service in the Ebola crisis.”

According to Fio, their solution will reduce time between data capture and response, which will help ease the burden of the 18 laboratories that are currently able to test for Ebola in West Africa.

“With real-time access to interactive network maps of contacts, managers will be able to quickly identify others who might be infected and begin to arrest transmission,” said Fio in a statement.

Other notable technology companies that have joined the fight against Ebola include IBM, Microsoft and South African based Journey.

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