Global wearables brand, Fitbit has introduced new health apps and clock faces for their smartwatches, Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa.

Built using Fitbit’s software development kit (SDK), the apps and clock faces are designed to give Fitbit smartwatch users new options to improve wellness and help manage conditions like diabetes and some types of cancer.

Additionally, the apps will give health plans, employers and clinical researchers new opportunities to better support their users outside of a clinical environment, helping lead to positive health outcomes.

“Smartwatches provide a powerful platform to deliver important health tools that help our users manage conditions more conveniently than ever before. With these apps and clock faces, we continue to deliver on our promise to bring important health information to the wrist,” said Co-founder and CEO of Fitbit, James Park.

“With our strong consumer engagement, cross-platform compatibility, and intuitive software and services we have become a wearable partner of choice for leaders across the healthcare industry. Together, we aim to inspire positive behaviour change that can ultimately improve health outcomes and reduce costs,” continued Park.

The new additions include tools from healthcare organisations like Diplomat, the US’ largest independent provider of specialty pharmacy services, whose app allows users to help manage their treatment with medication and prescription reminders.

“People with chronic and rare diseases face numerous hurdles, from juggling complex treatment plans to navigating their own healthcare benefits. At Diplomat, our goal is to provide innovative tools and services to patients,” said Interim CEO of Diplomat, Jeff Park.

“With this specialty pharmacy patient engagement tool, oncology patients would have a more intuitive way to manage their therapy regimen,” continued Park.

Dexcom, a continuous glucose-monitoring (CGM) company, also has a new app where glucose data will be relayed from the Dexcom CGM to the wrist, making it easier for users to see their Dexcom CGM data alongside Fitbit activity data to better manage their condition.

Another new diabetes app, One Drop, provides a virtual diabetes care platform where users are provided with evidence-based and clinically effective glucose monitoring. One Drop users will be able to sync Fitbit intraday data to their One Drop accounts and see their glucose data on their Fitbit smartwatch.

The new Fitabase app is a platform for data collection to advance research efforts. Fitabase Engage is a new tool for implementing custom feedback and prompts that makes it easy for researchers to collect valuable data on the wrist using novel assessment and interaction methods.

Another new app, Go365® by Humana, is a wellness and rewards programme designed to help users live a healthier life, with personalised activities, as well as tracking, support and rewards for inspiration. Go365 members are able to track their activities towards Points and Bucks that they can redeem for rewards like e-gift cards, fitness gear, and charitable donations.

And lastly there’s the Sickweather app, which aims to provide the most accurate, predictive and meaningful sickness forecast in the world. This clock face will let users know the risk of contagious illness in their current location with alerts on the wrist and a view of top illnesses in their area.

All of the new apps and clock faces complement other developer apps available in the Fitbit Gallery, such as Air Index, Blood Donor, Pill Tracker and Water Logged.

More than 18,000 developers have joined Fitbit’s developer community and are actively creating content.

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