Eyejusters, the world’s first adjustable vision correction glasses that use regular frames, are now available in Southern Africa through the Kriel Technology Group (Pty)Ltd.

Eyejusters was developed by a UK-based startup that was founded in 2010 to help people in the developing world improve their sight with its adjustable and affordable eyewear. They have now expanded their range to provide stylish adjustable Smart Glasses for all.

The age-related condition presbyopia causes eyes to lose elasticity making it harder to switch focus between short and long-distance objects. While many resort to using reading glasses they are not a complete solution for presbyopia as they have a fixed lens, which means that only a small zone is in focus, at a constant distance from the eye. To change this distance, you need a different pair of glasses. Additionally, ‘ready readers’ have the same strength lens for each eye – many people, however, require different strengths for each eye.

Underdeveloped countries bear the burden of uncorrected presbyopia with 410 million (94%) of those uncorrected presbyopia unable to perform basic near-work tasks. Functional presbyopia creates significant socio-economic burdens and has a high impact on occupational productivity and vision-related quality of life.

With this problem in mind, the creators of Eyejusters invented SlideLensTM, the result of five years of intensive research. Through SlideLens each lens can be individually focused by the wearer through a small adjustable dial in each side of the frame, enabling wearers to focus each eye independently. This restores the natural ability of the eye to change focus. Rather than carrying multiple pairs of glasses of varying strengths and quality to use throughout the day, users only need a single pair.

 “Many people need glasses with lots of different strengths. They may have a pair with for computer work, another for reading, and maybe yet another for close up work like hobbies. Eyejusters replaces the need for multiple pairs of glasses,” said Co-founder of Eyejusters, Owen Reading.

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