The eStrategies Africa forum will be hosting a series of Round Tables between 12 and 13 July 2016 at the Vineyard Hotel and Spa in Cape Town, where key ICT development stakeholders have been invited to discuss important issues facing the country.

This month’s event follows the success of the eStrategies Africa 2015 forum, which focused on South Africa’s ICT roadmap to effectively implementing eHealth and other eServices.

“We are delighted to be facilitating this latest event just nine months after the last one,” said eStrategies Africa’s Chris Hull.

“We are responding to the request made by the Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Professor Hlengiwe Mkhize for the forum to take place more frequently following consensus reached by delegates that a real sense of urgency for the implementation of existing eStrategies was needed. We called this PHAKISA for ICT and its subsequent adoption was one of the positive outcomes of last November’s event and its progress will be on the agenda for discussion this time around,” continued Hull.

The first Round Table will focus on the Digital Economy Programme and Fund. The spotlight will be on the importance of contributions from the public and private sectors towards creating a broadband-enabling environment for job creation; skills development; digital literacy; economic growth; entrepreneurship; innovation; and digitisation of the Western Cape to create a connected economy.

The panel, consisting of Chairperson Executive Director at the Cape Digital Foundation, Mymoena Williams, and other government and private representatives, will discuss the proposed digital economy programme and fund; its governance structure; contributions to be made by stakeholders; and identified potential digital dividend programmes and projects.

The second Round Table will be chaired by CEO at ICASA, Pakamile Pongwana, and will focus on improving investment in connectivity. This will include rapid deployment policy and policy direction, and Network sharing and co-ordination.

Day two will begin with a Round Table on eHealth chaired by Professor Darelle Van Greunen from the Center for Community Technologies at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, who will lead a discussion on connectivity to enable National Department of Health (NDoH) eServices.

The final Round Table will follow on by focusing on the National e-Strategy and eServices, where Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Professor Hlengiwe Mkhize, will lead a discussion on the ICT Policy Review and drafting the National eStrategy document.

“I hope that these important discussions and active planning sessions surrounding the development and implementation of better connectivity and better eServices in South Africa will, in the spirit if PHAKISA for ICT, continue to build on the momentum we have already established at previous events,” said Hull.

“We all hope that a further set of clear and achievable follow-up actions will be agreed upon by the delegates, which we intend to publish in a set of Rapporteur Statements early next week. eStrategies Africa will then follow up on this activity and report the progress being made on these actions through a series of interviews that will take place in November 2016, to be published in a special edition of eStrategies Africa Magazine before the next event, which will take place in February 2017,” concluded Hull.

The full programme and list of attendees is available here.

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