CenHealth has partnered with leading emergency services provider, ER24, to use technology to speed up emergency response.

This partnership will aim to close the gap between patient information and emergency services, saving crucial minutes by providing paramedics with rapid access to life-saving information.

CenHealth is a user-controlled platform which allows users to keep a digital version of their health records. Members open an online account and can store information ranging from their weight and height, to allergies, upload X-rays, vaccination records and keep a health diary of all their doctor’s appointments.

CenHealth users now can access ER24’s excellent pre-hospital emergency care, including Emergency Stabilisation, medical emergency care transportation by road and air to the nearest hospital and Trauma assistance. This service works in conjunction with CenHealth’s emergency profile, through which users enter important details such as allergies, medications they are taking, their age,  doctors’ details, medical aid information as well as next of kin – all of which help paramedics respond more speedily and accurately in the event of an emergency.

“Our vision is to centralise the health experience for users. While having the ability to create, store and manage your health history from any device is empowering, we believe that this should integrate with real-life situations and allow user’s access health related services,” said CenHealth’s New Business Director, Puseletso Mompei.

This partnership is the first of its kind in Africa, where most patient’s records are in paper format, making critical information unavailable in an emergency. By using a secure, cloud-based platform such as CenHealth, users can enjoy services such as ER24 in real time.

The service is available for a fee of R30 per month and is bundled with other new services including camera feature to allow users to upload images to their digital record as well as additional storage. Users can also pay a discounted annual fee. “Access is a priority for us, so keeping the price friendly was important,” concluded Mompei.

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