Massachusetts-based computing company, Empatica, has created a seizure-tracking wristband called Embrace.

Embrace is designed to detect and monitor stress signals and detect seizures that could potentially be deadly. The wearable also has an accompanying app to help alert loved ones.

“If somebody goes to check on a person during or after they have had a grand mal seizure, then they are less likely to die. In some cases, simply saying the person’s name or turning them over (gentle stimulation) might save their life. Anybody could do this potentially life-saving action, they just need to know to go check on the person — don’t leave them alone right after a seizure,” MIT scientist and Empatica co-founder, Rosalind Picard, told MIT News.

The wrist-worn Embrace looks like a fitness tracker and is equipped with temperature sensors to detect changes in body heat, gyroscopes and accelerometers to detect movement and an EDA sensor to detect electric changes in the skin.

The device is designed to vibrate when it detects a seizure so the wearer can respond. If the wearer doesn’t respond quickly and becomes unconscious, Embrace can send an alert to a designated individual or caretaker.

Users without seizure issues can use the wristband to monitor stress, something Picard said is important for good health. Chronic stress has been linked to numerous health issues such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

“Stress signals reach every organ of your body, so these stress signals are potentially influencing everything. Sometimes you don’t realise you’re stressed until you get that just-in-time notice,” concluded Picard.

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