Cape Town-based Essential Medical Guidance (EMGuidance) has launched a desktop version of their free to use medicines & treatment platform for medical professionals.

Since the soft launch of their Android and iOS app in mid-2016, EMGuidance has become the most comprehensive and up to date digital source of locally relevant medicines information & clinical guidelines in South Africa, with over 10,000 healthcare professionals registered on and using the platform.

“The response from medical professionals, especially GPs, has been very positive. We have effectively replicated the Google search experience with the crucial difference being we only return locally relevant and actionable information – something which has been sorely missing in South Africa, and most of the developing world,” said Chief Marketing Officer at EMGuidance, Howard Moodycliffe.

The desktop version has been designed to function as a search engine, and is currently focused on the EMGuidance medicines database element of the platform. Medical professionals can search by trade name, active ingredient or registered indication and can access live single exit pricing.

“We partner with a national team of pharmacologists, specialists and academic institutions who provide oversight and guidance to ensure the EMGuidance medicines database is both comprehensive and accurate,” said Moodycliffe.

EMGuidance will soon be adding their clinical guidelines section to the recently launched desktop version of their platform. Currently, healthcare institutions can submit their locally relevant guidelines via the EMGuidance website where the editorial board will verify the content before publishing it to their mobile app.

The clinical guidelines published to the app are from 30 different institutional partners, including the National Department of Health (NDoH) and the South African Antibiotic Stewardship Programme (SAASP). New partners are going the platform each month.

Following their success and growing popularity in South Africa, EMGuidance launched a slim-line version of their platform in Sierra Leone, which has so far been received positively by the local healthcare community. EMGuidance plans on expanding to Kenya, Tanzania and other African countries in the near future.

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