EMC is a global leader in enabling healthcare providers and healthcare service providers to transform their operations.

EMC provides healthcare organisations with an integrated view of electronic patient information beyond medical records and images to include audio, email, digital photos and videos. This complete electronic patient information enables organisations to analyse and collaborate for improved clinical and financial efficiencies.

Where implemented

EMC employs approximately 70,000 people worldwide. It is represented by approximately 400 sales offices and scores of partners in 86 countries around the world. It has the world’s largest sales and service force focused on information infrastructure, and works closely with a global network of technology, outsourcing, systems integration, service and distribution partners.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

EMC’s solutions deliver a complete patient-centric view of information beyond the electronic patient record – regardless of source, location or format across the continuum of care. Whether transitioning to or looking to achieve the full value of an EPR, EMC Integrated Patient Record solutions enhance existing patient information by aggregating, sharing and optimising patient information from any health information application or content format.

EMC’s electronic management system is central to the Gauteng Department of Health’s modernisation project, which aims to connect all information and activities across the province, and make it available across all systems, hospitals, as well as to primary care providers and even patients.

For more information, visit: www.emc.com/integratedcare

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