US electronic developer, drchrono Inc., the same company behind the first wearable electronic health record (EHR) for Google Glass, has now released their EHR for Apple Watch.

“Just picture a doctor coming down the hallway with his arms full of paper files and devices, who is not really able to engage with anyone,” said drchrono Chief Executive, Michael Nusimow. “Now picture that doctor with his hands free, because a lot of his necessary data is on his wrist. The wearable health record has become a reality.”

The drchrono EHR is already available on the iPad and iPhone, so the new miniaturised version of the EHR for Apple Watch will offer a different function. While the iPad could be used to input information into the EHR, and the iPhone could be used to look up information, according to Nusimow, the Apple Watch is the perfect device to send a reminder to a physician that their next patient is waiting.

Nusimow explained that the EHR apps on all three devices sync up together, link to Apple’s HealthKit data repository and contributes to a patient’s ongoing electronic health record.

drchrono has also released a separate application for patients, called OnPatient, that offers a range of tools for managing health on a daily basis, from reminders of upcoming appointments to messaging with health professionals to paying bills.

drchrono offers their EHRs for free, and monetizes its business by charging doctors for medical-billing services. According to Nusimow, 70,000 doctors use the company’s free digital health records, and about 3,000 pay for medical-billing services.

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