USA Electronic Medical Record (EMR) supplier, Drchrono, has launched the first wearable Electronic Health Record (EHR) to meet the growing demand for Google Glass from physicians.

“Google is still in the early-stages of determining the most viable use-cases for Google Glass,” said Drchrono Co-founder, Daniel Kivatinos. “But some doctors are demanding Google Glass, so Google is providing resources and support to developers.”

The idea was to create an EHR that is always mobile, enabling physicians to work hands-free. “The iPad was a new consumption device that changed the world, and now we are seeing that doctors want to use more and more hands-free technology,” Drchrono CEO and Co-founder, Michael Nusimow, said in a news release. “Google Glass is one of the first of its kind to do this. A physician wants to practice medicine and not be burdened with all of the paperwork that goes on in the practice. We knew this would be an important app to integrate into our EHR platform, and we’re excited to now offer this to doctors using Drchrono.”

Doctors who register for the EHR app can take pictures during surgery, record videos of patient encounters, have real-time data streaming of patient encounters, flip through patient profiles, get real-time notifications about who has come into the office and review medical data. All the files are stored in the patient’s EMR via cloud-based storage and can be shared with the patient on request.

Drchrono claims to have 60,000 registered physicians using its EMR for doctors and patients; and according to Kivatinos, more than 300 of these physicians have already opted to use the EHR app.

If Google links Google Glass in hospitals to Android devices among consumers, it could synchronise health records making them seamlessly accessible to patients and doctors. However, Goggle Glass has two key hurdles in hospitals: cost and security. At $1,500 (R 15,920) apiece, Google Glass is far more expensive than an iPad. App developers for Google Glass must also adhere to rigid HIPAA standards to ensure patient records remain private.

The EHR app is currently available for free, but Drchrono may charge a fee in the near future.

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