US-based Patient Doctor Technologies, Inc. has launched a new platform that allows healthcare professionals to bypass developers and create their own mHealth apps.

Called Doctella, the new platform leverages CareKit, an open source framework from Apple, allowing doctors to quickly develop apps specific to their practice and for their patient’s individual medical conditions.

These apps can be used to guide patients and families outside of the healthcare setting, follow them and track outcomes based on device data input and patient reported outcomes.

“Digital health interventions are the key to implementing value-based care. With Doctella, providers can bypass software developers and have the power to create powerful digital interventions with zero coding or technical skills. This empowerment will bring the digital patient revolution we have been waiting for that we call the ‘Patientisation’ of healthcare,” said CEO of Patient Doctor Technologies, Amer Haider.

“Our team consists of scientists, doctors, patients and tech entrepreneurs which give us a unique perspective on digital health. We’ve spent over three years working with physicians from different specialties, analysing over 5,000 Doctella patients and 200,000 Doctella digital health interventions to create CarePrograms. In addition, we’ve iteratively tested hundreds of templates to create a robust solution,” continued Haider.

Doctella’s Digital Health Studio has hundreds of CareProgram templates across a number of specialties that healthcare providers can use to design their own branded and personalised CarePrograms. They also have the option to hire Doctella digital health experts to assist them.

Doctella’s flexible design allows its use by hospitals, healthcare providers, nurse case managers, pharmaceuticals, health plan coaches and startups focused on chronic conditions and digital therapeutics.

The platform is interoperable, allowing doctors and hospitals to easily integrate forms, patient reported outcomes, education, instruction hand-outs, protocols and device data or any other multimedia materials in CarePrograms.

Doctors can then send an invitation to their patients for their specific CarePrograms. Patients receive their doctor’s secure invitation via email, SMS or through their electronic health record (EHR). Using Doctella’s integrated dashboard, doctors are able to automatically follow their patient’s progress via patient feedback or sensors in their everyday devices.

“The healthcare system is striving to meet patient expectations outside the clinical setting,” said Doctella Co-Founder and Surgeon, Dr Adil Haider, from Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

“Currently, verbal or paper instructions, a quick call from the doctor or a brief visit are considered state of the art methods for managing patients, outside a hospital or after they leave a clinic,” continued Dr Haider.

By integrating with HealthKit and other hospital-grade medical devices and sensors present on patients’ phones or via the cloud, patients can choose to share their information with doctors via Doctella to automatically track reported outcomes, vitals, exercise routines, pain monitoring and prescriptions.

Through Doctella CarePrograms, this information is analysed to create the context for alerts and reminders that are shared with the patient, caregiver and healthcare providers.

“Over a decade ago, my colleagues and I at Johns Hopkins created a simple checklist that defined actionable tasks for doctors and nurses that decreased the rate of deadly infections in the US and led to the adoption of checklists as a standard of care,” said Co-founder of Doctella, Dr Peter Pronovost, who is Professor of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and SVP of Patient Safety and Quality at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

“Doctella employs the implementation science that is behind checklists, and has worked with patients, caregivers, doctors and nurses to create CarePrograms, which is easily customisable for providers and patients,” concluded Dr Pronovost.

Pricing of Doctella is based on a Freemium model measured by the number of patients a practice has. Patients can download the Doctella app from the App store or iTunes for free.

Patient Doctor Technologies has a license agreement with The Johns Hopkins University and has raised funding from a strategic partner and private investors.

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