With the official launch taking place today, DocDiary is one of the latest innovative eHealth solutions to come out of Cape Town, South Africa. The online booking and practice management system connects searchers and medical professionals in real time.

DocDiary was envisioned when business improvement specialist, Handré Dreyer, attempted to locate and book a medical doctor while travelling. His frustration led to the development of an online solution that easily and securely connects doctors and patients.

DocDiary’s visibility in search engines such as Google means medical professionals are instantly accessible by patients looking to find the most suitable – and available – healthcare provider to see to their needs.

Patients can find general practitioners or specialists listed by geographic area, field of specialisation and even gender. They can then compare doctors’ credentials and patient reviews and click to see available time slots in the appointment schedule of their shortlisted doctors.

Tapping into the connective power of the Internet and fulfilling a growing need of an increasingly web-savvy South African population, DocDiary intends to revolutionise the way patients choose and book their medical care providers.

Dreyer considers the keen market uptake and stakeholders’ buy-in to be the result of bringing the right solution at the right time: “The prevalence of digital media in the purchase decision process – including healthcare consultation – has created an opportune time for launching this online service. We are collaborating and sharing data and know-how with the more established Medpages, the authoritative resource of the healthcare industry.”

He says that, according to Medpages, more than 600,000 searches per month are conducted in South Africa using the keyword “doctor” or its synonyms.

Optimised to be found in Google and other search engines when users type in keywords such as “doctor in Sandton” or “chiropractor Cape Town”, DocDiary hopes to ease those 600,000 monthly searches, securely connecting patients and doctors.

Patients can easily search for and book appointments at the most appropriate healthcare professionals. They can make and manage these appointments from anywhere, at any time.

Dreyer explains: “Our mission is to help doctors by eliminating/alleviating their frustrations, saving them time and money, helping them manage their practice more efficiently, increasing their revenue and improving their quality of delivery.”

“For the patients we provide convenience and peace of mind. DocDiary empowers them to manage and take control of their own medical health, history and future.”

The DocDiary platform is free for use by patients; doctors pay a subscription rate of their choice to be registered and to access full functionality.

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