Discovery Health has launched a number of initiatives aimed at deepening its partnership with doctors in creating a shared value healthcare system, a model based on collaboration with healthcare professionals.

Discovery’s value-driven model places the focus on the needs of the patients and working together with all industry role players to promote better health and better healthcare.

“Our core purpose, to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives, has inspired us to apply our shared value model to generate unique value for all key stakeholders in the healthcare system,” said CEO of Discovery Health, Dr Jonathan Broomberg.

“We recognise the critical role that doctors play in shaping the healthcare system; our shared value healthcare model and digital innovations enable us to collaborate with medical professionals to accelerate the move towards a patient-centred system with better coordination and quality of care,” continued Dr Broomberg

Speaking at the launch held in Sandton, Dr Broomberg shared the trends impacting the healthcare ecosystem, including the escalating costs associated with an increasing disease burden, among other things.

Dr Broomberg also suggested some elements of the shared value solution, including the impact of a healthy doctor and a digitally-enabled practice on the wellbeing of patients.

“If doctors adopt healthy behaviours, they are more likely to ensure that their patients are healthier, through increased screening and advice on leading a healthy lifestyle,” said Dr Broomberg.

“With healthier doctors, we expect a big shift in the health status of patients, which contributes to lowering healthcare costs right across the system. This allows our medical scheme clients to share savings with participating doctors through remuneration models that reward doctors for making their patients healthier, and for delivering higher quality and more efficient healthcare,” continued Dr Broomberg.

According to data collected by Discovery Health on a sample of doctors actively engaged with Vitality shows a clear correlation between the health of a doctor and the health of their patients.


To support this drive for healthier doctors and healthier patients, Discovery Health launched Vitality Active Rewards for Doctors, which provides participating doctors with an upfront 50% discount on Apple Watches and other wearable fitness devices, as well as an upfront 55% discount on the Cardiocheck, a point of care device that doctors can use to check their patients’ cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the doctors’ rooms.

Doctors actively engaging in the Vitality Active Rewards for Doctors programme are able to increase these discounts to 100%.

“Doctors play a critical role in the healthcare system and have great influence on the behaviour of their patients. Our data supports the view that the health of doctor themselves is vital to the delivery of high-quality healthcare,” concluded Dr Broomberg.

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