2nd.MD, a US based telemedicine company, has signed a licensing deal with Discovery Health as part of the company’s global expansion strategy.

According to South African founder and CEO of 2nd.MD, Clint Phillips, the deal with Discovery Health was signed in October 2014 and is expected to begin in March 2015.

Founded in 2011, 2nd.MD specialises in connecting patients with doctors to provide a second opinion on medical issues. Through a phone call or video conferencing, doctors from around the US can speak to patients and provide advice on medical conditions, upcoming surgeries or any other questions the patient may have.

Phillips believes the need for a second opinion is crucial when going forward with difficult and complicated medical procedures. “We believe that every medical decision needs to be supported. If you’re changing medications, if you’re going to surgery, if you’ve been recently diagnosed, you need to make sure you can validate that,” said Phillips.

“With healthcare, you can’t do anything from home. You have to drive to the doctor every time there is something small or major, and we think that is unnecessary,” continued Phillips.

There are currently over 350 medical experts in the network from 30 specialties and 240 sub-specialties, representing top medical, research and educational facilities in the US. Philips sees the deal with Discovery Health as an opportunity to bring his app to a broader audience.

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