Technology giant Dell Services has unveiled new imaging and analytics tools built on partnerships with two other technology companies.

The first deal is a multi-year agreement with Israeli-based Zebra Medical Vision to deliver a world-class platform for medical imaging research that integrates with the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive, which currently hosts more than 10 billion medical images and 150 million medical studies.

Through the deal, Dell will integrate Zebra’s medical imaging research platform with the Cloud Clinical Archive. As a result, Dell will be able to offer clinical sites access to algorithms that provide screening and diagnostic decision support, identify individuals who are at risk for developing certain conditions such as cardiac or liver disease and determine which patients are eligible for certain preventative care and wellness programmes, the companies said in a statement.

“The Dell Cloud Clinical Archive combined with Zebra’s unique imaging analytics algorithms and research platform will bring about true change in the way healthcare is practised, which enables caregivers to provide patients with more personalised care,” said Dell’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Vice President and Global General Manager, Sid Nair.

“A clinical analytics platform at this scale and integrated data management tools help healthcare organisations collaborate and improve the way we approach utilising big data in healthcare,” added Nair.

Commenting on the new partnership, Co-founder and CEO of Zebra Medical Vision, Elad Benjamin, said: “Big data analytics have taken an increasingly growing role in many facets of business. The healthcare market has just begun to implement and benefit from large-scale analytics in a meaningful way.”

“Working with Dell, we will collaborate with the best machine learning and computer vision research groups worldwide. Our partnership will provide millions of clinical records to create more robust, accurate diagnostic tools, with the goal of delivering them to clinical providers through the analytics platform and driving more efficient patient care,” said Benjamin.

The second deal is with MphRx to integrate their cloud-based analytics software, BizEye, with the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive. BizEye allows delivery teams to leverage clinical and operational data in easy to understand key performance indicators, according to Dell.

BizEye seamlessly captures and indexes clinical data, including metadata, operational data and clinical records data stored as native Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and customises the presentation of this information, said Dell.

“Our unique platform, combined with Dell’s expertise in healthcare IT services will enhance care and efficiency through immediate access to real-time operational and clinical metrics,” said CEO of MphRx, Mahesh Uberoi.

“Too often information is contained in spreadsheets and not presented in real time. Valuable resources that could be focused on clinical tasks are often retrospectively spent looking at events, costs and benchmarks,” said Nair.

Dell expects to make both the Zebra algorithms and MphRx BizEye analytics software available to customers in February 2016.

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