Dell is expanding its global cloud services programme by entering the African market.

Director of Cloud Services EMEA at Dell, Nick Hyner, said the benefits of cloud computing include improving business processes and operational efficiency, essentially reinventing the role of IT.

Cloud technology also has major benefits for healthcare, as previously reported by eHealthNews. If implemented and used properly, cloud technology can offer healthcare providers fast access to computing and large storage facilities containing EHRs. Cloud also has the potential to improve services and treatment for patients, boost operational efficiencies for providers by synchronising information in real-time and lowering costs.

“Dell offers a flexible solution across public, private and hybrid cloud computing environments, from creating a strategy, to building the cloud, to managing the platform, to hosting services,” said Hyner.

“Dell’s approach is also vendor-agnostic, providing the flexibility and choice to offer customers the best cloud platform tailored to suit their specific needs. Regardless of which cloud vendor a customer already uses, Dell’s cloud services can help customers support their business needs by formulating a strategy and service catalogue that combines self-service and managed services,” Hyner added.

Dell’s cloud solutions are designed to be customised to the specific needs and environments of an organisation to help it attain its goals. “Irrespective of where you are on your on-premise to off-premise journey, Dell has got skin in the game,” Hyner concluded.

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