Israel-based DarioHealth has introduced its smartphone-connected diabetes management platform, Dario, to the US market.

The FDA-approved glucometer plugs into a headphone jack and automatically records blood-glucose readings and syncs with a companion app, enabling users to self-monitor and test their blood sugar level.

“We’ve taken the consumer error aspect out of this equation,” said Director of Professional and Clinical Sales for the US market, Scott Scolnick.

Dario consists of a glucose metre, a disposable test strip cartridge and lancing device. The app, available on iOS and Android devices, includes a nutrition guide, logbook and monitoring system and provides real-time advice to people with diabetes.

The app allows users to keep diaries about food and exercise to put blood-glucose readings in real context. In addition, the app asks users whether the test is before or after a meal. The system also contains a database showing carbohydrate counts of half a million foods.

“When I look at a plate of food, I have to guess at how many carbs there are. We’ve embedded this vast food database that takes the guesswork out of the equation,” said Scolnick.

Dario provides alerts for hypoglycaemic and hyperglycaemic readings, based on user-specified parameters and automatically generates a text message to up to four people notifying them of the readings. Dario also has a link to Google Maps to allow users to look for food or a place to exercise, if necessary, and it helps caregivers locate patients.

The Dario retails for $29.99, while the app is free for download. Dario already is available for the Apple iOS and Android platforms in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, as well as several European countries. The company Dario hopes to have FDA clearance for an Android version by the end of the year.

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