Following the success of the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa’s (COHSASA) workshops in 2015, the organisation has announced plans to continue the workshops in 2016.

Over the past year, COHSASA hosted a series of workshops in Cape Town to help healthcare workers from various backgrounds make informed decisions and provide patients with safe and high-quality care. The workshops were specifically aimed at healthcare staff who wanted to practically upskill themselves on how to implement quality improvement projects and processes at their healthcare facilities.

Topics covered in the workshops included general quality principles and tools and current quality improvement models, as well as efficiently managing data and information. They also focused on areas such as risk management, incident reporting and adverse event management.

Regarding  COHSASA ‘s announcement, their Professional Development Co-ordinator, Dr Katrin Kleijnhans, said: “We want to ensure that the way we structure our workshops provides the maximum benefit to those who attend; we can achieve this by consulting with our future clients on what topics they would like us to include.”

The upcoming workshops for 2016 will cover a wide variety of topics, such as Healthcare Organisation Risk Management; Infection Control Risk Assessment; Emergency Preparedness; Adverse Incident Reporting; Clinical Audit; Medication Errors; Morbidity-Mortality Investigations; and Medical Equipment Maintenance.

To find out more about the 2016 workshops, visit the COHSASA website or contact Dr Kleijnhans via email at

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