Cipla Medpro South Africa has announced that the company has acquired Anmaraté (Pty) Ltd, by purchasing 100% of the issued share capital.

According to their website, Anmaraté is a small innovative company that develops and manufactures premium quality medicines and medical devices within Southern Africa.

According to CEO of Cipla South Africa, Paul Miller, out of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in South Africa, Cipla is the fastest growing and currently positioned in the top three pharmaceutical companies in the country.

“This acquisition speaks to the company’s ambition to continue to build on this growth trajectory through strategic alliances and we remain open to pursue similar deals in future,” said Miller.

“The move is in line with our new strategy to increase our focus and efforts to advancing healthcare for all South Africans. We will be implementing an intensive approach to grow our portfolio of quality and affordable pharmaceutical solutions in more therapeutic areas,” continued Miller.

The deal will include the acquisition of one over-the-counter (OTC) product and two prescription products in a growing therapeutic category with limited competition.

“These are very exciting additions to our current portfolio and we anticipate that the new products will contribute greatly to our top-line and growth aspirations,” concluded Miller.

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