Kriel Technology Group (Pty) Ltd has introduced an innovative ECG machine the size of a business card, called Checkme Pro Health Monitor, to Southern Africa.

Developed in China by Viatom Technology Company Ltd., the multi-functional electronic health monitoring device is suitable as a home or clinical diagnostic tool that is small enough to carry in one’s pocket. The Checkme Pro fuses functionalities of several monitoring devices into one compact hand held monitor, representing an ‘all in one’ revolutionary approach to health awareness.

The Checkme Pro device functions as an ECG monitor; pulse oximeter; thermometer; systolic blood pressure monitor; sleep monitor; pedometer; calendar and clock; among others. The device also has a daily check function where all the measurements are done at once, in approximately 20 seconds. One Checkme Pro device can measure, monitor, store and review health parameters of up to four people.

The wireless device is controlled via a touchscreen that displays all the charts and numbers. The user can record a voice memo to save along with the readings as a reminder of what was happening around the time of the test. The device has Bluetooth connectivity and comes with a free to download iOS and Android app that can be used to pass on the readings to a doctor or family members.

“Checkme Pro is designed for monitoring of health parameters rather than for direct diagnostic purposes, so it’s not a replacement for consultations with medical professionals. However, the Checkme Pro Health Monitor enhances personal health awareness and facilitates sharing of measurements with medical professionals between check-ups, thus, importantly providing them with much more accurate picture of the user’s health status, when compared with unmonitored retrospective verbal recalls,” said Managing Director at Kriel Technology Group, Gerhard Kriel.  

The Checkme Pro Health Monitor kit consists of the Checkme Pro unit, external SpO2 sensor, external ECG cable, ECG electrodes, neck lanyard, green desktop folding stand, wristband, USB charging cable and user manual. Checkme is a Medical Device CE0197 and is registered with the South African Department of Health.

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