South African start-up, CenHealth, has launched an innovative public health record that allows users to manage their own health and wellbeing.

CenHealth’s electronic health record (EHR) allows the user to store information from weight and height to allergies, as well as to keep a health diary of all doctor appointments.

The start-up’s aim was to digitise the storing of health information in order to promote better efficiency. “CenHealth strives to move away from a paper-based system where prescriptions, lab results and scans are scattered across files, to where you can hold all your health information in a single, secure hub online,” said CEO of CenHealth, Joel Ugborogho.

Ugborogho believes their new platform is helping to empower the patient by putting their health record into their hands, instead of having to work around the convenience of healthcare providers.

“This old system of operating is out of step with today’s consumer who wants to access their information 24/7, but also wants to participate in recording their healthcare so that they don’t have to rely on memory or scrappy little notes,” said Ugborogho.

Other than personalised health recording, CenHealth also has the ability to store X-rays, scans and other documents by allowing users to download documents directly to their account, reducing the risk of loss and damage.

CenHealth is offering a freemium model where users can create a health record for free, though they are then required pay a nominal monthly fee in order to access other features, such as information exchange with doctors, or to trigger certain alerts.

CenHealth also offers a corporate health and wellness solution for employers, who can use the system to underpin their health interventions and receive feedback in real-time. “In that way, we give them the opportunity to integrate technology and devices into their wellness ecosystem without incurring huge costs,” said Ugborogho.

There are talks under way with partners to integrate CenHealth’s solution with other health or lifestyle products in order for users to fully benefit from the platform by tracking their health and using the data.

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