Cell-Life is a non-profit organisation that offers technology-based solutions for the management of health in developing countries. This includes the distribution of anti-retroviral treatments, continuous patient monitoring and evaluation, and the collection and communication of information, which is achieved through use and development of innovative software supported by existing technologies – mobile phones and the internet. Cell-Life also has the research capability to conduct pre-project contextual research, ongoing M&E during the pilot phase and reporting.

Where Implemented

Cell-Life has projects implemented all over South Africa, as well as internationally, dealing with sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, mobile data collection, SMS mass communication, HIV, TB, iDART (Intelligent Dispensing for Anti-Retroviral Treatment) and mHealth. Click here for a full list of Cell-Life projects.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

Cell-Life systems support monitoring and intervention programs necessary for large-scale management of infectious or chronic diseases, and other arenas in healthcare and social development.

As an example, iDART is currently being used to support the dispensing of ARV drugs in over 100 District Clinics −with more than 300 000 patients every month are receiving ARV treatment managed via iDART. The system also has export functionality to Department of Health Tier.Net electronic register, connects to the Western Cape eKAPA Patient Record System and will connect with PREHMIS (patient record system).

Cell-Life is involved with many other eHealth projects in South Africa regarding large scale mobile data collection and communications, for more information visit their projects page.

For more information visit: www.cell-life.org 

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