Swiss eHealth Startup Biospectal has developed an mHealth platform and accompanying smartphone app that allows people to measure their blood pressure instantly on the go – without the need of any attachments.

The Biospectal app measures a person’s blood pressure by having them simply place a finger on the smartphone’s camera lens. The app takes a video signal of the person’s blood pressure using algorithms, then reads the flow of blood and turns it into a pulse wave. The app then measures and analyses the velocity, amplitude and shape of the blood pressure wave. The data can be shared with relevant healthcare providers or loved ones.

Biospectal’s platform is based on over a decade’s worth of research and development at the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) and five years of clinical validation at the CHUV hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“What we’re trying to do is develop the ability to deliver hypertension management through your smartphone in a software application that is instantly distributable around the world,” said Biospectal CEO, Eliott Jones during an interview with CNET’s

“Hypertension is basically the largest chronic condition in the world; we are focusing on that in terms of not just solving that for the high income countries, but also the developing world,” continued Jones.

Jones noted that their goal is to replace the traditional blood pressure cuff, which over its 100 years of existence has seen little progress. Their app reportedly generates results that are as accurate as the blood pressure cuff and is already ISO 81060 2 compliant.

Biospectal are conducting ongoing validation and data collection to further tune their algorithm. With support from RivaDigital and the World Health Organisation (WHO), they are also testing their app in Switzerland, Tanzania, South Africa and Bangladesh.

Biospectal aims to have their platform available to consumers by 2020.

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