A high-tech tattoo designed by Chaotic Moon, a Software Design and Development company based in  the US, aims to collect health data directly from the body.

Called Tech Tats, the bio-wearable made with a conductive paint and other components has the ability to collect health and other biometric data from the human body.

Chaotic Moon CEO, Ben Lamm, told Tech Crunch that the new biowearable, currently in prototype, will be able to collect and upload health data much like Jawbone or the Apple Watch, and send it to medical staff.

“This is not something that can be easily removed like a Fitbit. It can be underneath a flack jacket, directly on the skin to be collecting this data and being reported back,” said Lamm.

The tattoo is temporary and washes off much like a temporary fashion tattoo. However, it is unclear what sort of precautions the wearer would have to go through in order not to wash it off too quickly.

According to Chaotic Moon, Tech Tatt will have the ability to monitor body temperature and detect if someone is stressed based on sweat, heart rate and hydration level information uploaded via Bluetooth or location-based low-frequency mesh networks.

Tech Tatts Designer, Eric Schneider, describes the device as something a user would apply once a year to collect medical data and avoid health check-ups in the clinic.

Apart from its health application, the team is thinking of a military application for the wearable. For example, Tech Tatts could potentially detect poisons in the air, pathogens in a soldier’s body or identify when they are hurt or stressed.

Lamm believes temporary is the better route to data collection. The tattoo kits would presumably be cheaper, less invasive than cutting soldiers open and people could stick them on and go about their day instead of needing to remember to charge something and put it on.

Although Chaotic Moon sees potential in their prototype, they keep an open mind on where their idea may land in the future.

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