South African entrepreneur and CEO of Bestforu Holdings Ltd, Brian Bouwer, has developed mobile application software, called Best4umed, which can access medical records by using a patient’s or practitioner’s fingerprint.

“This is the first mobile medical application software system that has the ability to link everyone and every segment in the medical industry together,” said Bouwer.

“Best4umed will enable medical practitioners, health specialists, physicians, pharmacists, medical and emergency assistants, and patients to have immediate access to important medical information at any time, with the use of the fingerprint medical software,” continued Bouwer.

Best4umed is envisioned to allow health practitioners to bill medical aid and health insurance companies for consultation and medical fees. The app will also have specialised modules for appointment diaries, patient consultations, patient overviews, an ICD-10 Code dictionary, med pages, patient results, chronical illness benefits and generics dictionaries.

The app is also envisioned to increase efficiencies by replacing paper forms. “When visiting healthcare facilities, patients using the Best4umed app will be able to bypass filling out long medical forms. Instead they will be identified by simply scanning their fingerprints,” said Bouwer.

Medical practitioners and experts will also be able to remotely access continual professional development courses and materials on the Best4umed app to obtain their compulsory ethics points annually. “This software for medical practitioners is a revolutionary step in caring for our health and loved ones,” said Bouwer.

Bouwer estimates that around $6 million will be required to launch Best4umed, and has therefore created an Indiegogo campaign to help the start-up. “About $1 million will go toward the final development stage, beta testing, marketing, administration and operational costs. The remaining $5 million is needed for expanding Best4umed into the global markets of India, Asia, USA, Europe and South America,” explained Bouwer.

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