US-based smart jewellery developer, Bellabeat has designed a new health tracking wearable especially for women.

The wearable device, called LEAF, is an item of jewellery capable of tracking and capturing a woman’s basic fitness metrics and sleep quality, as well as stress levels and reproductive cycles.

“We felt the quantified-self movement was overlooking women,” said Bellabeat Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Urska Srsen, with regard to other wearables targeting women, such as Fitbit. “And no one was working on the software, which is the crucial part. So we created a platform that could holistically measure women’s health, both emotionally and physically.”

The LEAF wearable consists of a wisp of medical-grade stainless steel and sustainable wood that measures daily activity, quality of sleep and breathing rate. It can be worn as a clip or as a pendant on a necklace or leather bracelet. The device is also available as a gold-plated limited-edition. “We wanted to make something women would be happy to wear even if they didn’t need to,” said Srsen.

LEAF has a six month battery life and wirelessly syncs with a smartphone. The LEAF app pairs the data from the device with reproductive data that the user enters manually. The app’s algorithm contextualises the results to create actionable points, such as breathing exercises and sleep recommendations, taking that female user’s full health state into consideration.

Bellabeat plans to create a platform and further wearable devices to help women track their well-being at all stages of life. “We’re trying to create a system that includes all possible metrics that can influence a woman’s health,” said Srsen. Weight and temperature tracking functionality will soon be added to the LEAF app to extend beyond the usual biometrics tailored around strength and performance.

LEAF can be pre-ordered for $119 and the special edition one for $250, with the second batch shipping in July. The first batch of 10,000 LEAF wearables sold out in 48 hours. For more information, visit: 

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