US-based maternity-focused digital health start-up, Babyscripts, has developed the first mobile, clinical tool that allows obstetricians to remotely monitor their pregnant patients’ progress and health.

The men who co-founded Babyscripts worked closely with obstetricians from the George Washington University School of Medicine to wirelessly transmit pregnant women’s weight and blood pressure readings to their OBGYNs between visits.

“We’re the only company in this space that’s delivering clinical technology tools,” Babyscripts President and Co-founder, Juan Pablo Segura told MedcityNews. “We’re deeply integrated into the provider workflow.”

Unlike other pregnancy apps, Babyscripts is unique because it’s aimed at clinicians, not consumers. It’s up to the physicians to sign up interested expectant moms. The users receive a ‘Mommy Kit’ with an FDA-approved WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff and weight scale. The devices remotely collect data and send them to doctors to monitor via an app.

The connected devices and app allow women to skip some prenatal appointments, saving them time and hassle while lowering the practice’s costs.

Babyscripts’ algorithms detect abnormal readings and when they do, the app notifies the provider and the patient that they should schedule a visit.

Segura and Babyscripts co-founder, Anish Sebastian, launched the company in 2013 and have raised more than $2 million from GE Ventures and 1776.

In just three years the company attracted attention and investments. In 2015, Sebastian was named one of the precision medicine Champions of Change by former US President Barack Obama. In December last year, Babyscripts partnered with the Florida Hospital Innovation Lab to host the Future of Obstetrics Summit in Orlando to discuss the roles of precision medicine and technology in pregnancy.

Babyscripts is working with 10 health systems and plans to add six more in the next month. Segura says the company is also contemplating a move into paediatrics to remotely track children’s health.

“A lot of our health systems are deploying these devices as kind of a satisfaction tool and trying to understand how to do population health with having devices in the home already,” concluded Segura.

To date, Babyscripts has raised $3 million and will soon close another round of fundraising.

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