Following its launch late last year, Aviro Health has released its Aviro HIV Mentor App for free on both iTunes and the Google Play Store.

The app was devised by Founder and Medical Director of Aviro Health, Dr Musaed Abrahams, as a real time clinical support tool for nurses providing HIV treatment to patients.

“I wanted to develop an app that could provide theoretical and practical training as well as mentorship to enable nurses to treat HIV patients that have other underlying conditions as well, because the treatment plans become more complicated when combined with other conditions,” said Dr Abrahams in a previous interview with eHealthNews.

According to Aviro Health, their HIV Mentor app is the only app of its kind that uses the updated South African HIV Guidelines as the basis to provide decision support to clinicians as they examine patients.  The app provides real time, immediate feedback and step by step guidance, as well as a procedural check list that ensures quality of care.

As it’s a free standalone app, it doesn’t require connectivity, making ideal for low resourced settings. All that’s required is for the nurse to enter the patient’s details into a checklist and then the Aviro HIV Mentor automatically helps to prescribe the correct ARVs; checks the most recent guidelines; warns about potential side effects and drug interactions; and makes it easy to contact the HIV Hotline for assistance.

The app includes decision for adults, paediatrics and pregnant mothers, as well as provides further information on antiretroviral, viral loads and drug interactions. The app also includes calculators for BMI as well as creatinine clearance, a quick contact to the HIV Hotline and the recommended Department of Health Guidelines for referral.

For more information about the app, check out this video on YouTube.

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