Atomo Diagnostics will be showcasing its next generation AtomoRapid™ HIV and AtomoRapid™ Malaria tests to the country over the next few weeks.

Atomo Diagnostics’ multi-award winning AtomoRapid™ HIV,  just a few weeks ago, was awarded Best in Show, and the winner of the In Vitro Diagnostics Category, at the 17th Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA), held in New York.

The MDEA is the medtech industry’s premier design competition committed to searching worldwide for the highest calibre finished medical devices, products, systems, or packaging available on the market.

At the Richards Bay leg of the roadshow, guest speaker and General Manager of Richards Bay Coal terminal, Judith Nzimande, spoke on workplace wellness, productivity, work life balance, healthy workplaces and communities which is particularly important to HIV testing in the corporate sector.

Current Rapid Diagnostics Tests (RDTs) do not meet the needs of the user in point-of-care testing in the field. Although many RDTs offer strong clinical performance, they typically demonstrate short-comings when used outside of the laboratory that result in procedural errors and incorrect diagnosis. AtomoRapid™ HIV and AtomoRapid™ Malaria aims to remove these shortcomings from the field.

“We approached the development of our AtomoRapid™ testing platform with collaboration in mind and paid special attention to the needs of users. In this way we were able to engineer out the human errors inherent in the current ‘bits-in-a-box’ testing kits. AtomoRapid™ tests are simple to use, safe and accurate, greatly improving the testing process that is so critical,” says Managing Director for Africa, Brad Mears.

Current RDTs are an essential, albeit flawed weapon, in the fight to bring HIV/AIDS under control in South Africa and on a larger scale, the African continent – a continent with an extensively high HIV infection rate. The combined benefits of ease of use and improved reliability of AtomoRapid™ tests will have a substantial impact on the fight against HIV and malaria infection.

AtomoRapid™ tests are simple, safe and accurate. “As a team we are hoping to have a global impact on the spread of infectious diseases by providing early detection to all,” says Mears. As Best in Show, and the winner of the In Vitro Diagnostics Category at this year’s MDEA, the world’s most prestigious Medical Design awards and first in the Anthill Smart 100 Index, AtomoRapid™ HIV is changing the face of RDT testing worldwide through its revolutionary focus on ease of use.