Atomo Diagnostics is an Australian based healthcare company with a focus on product development and usability. Their African office is headed by Brad Mears, previously the CEO of the SA Business Coalition on HIV/Aids (SABCOHA). Atomo develops and commercialises next generation solutions that address unmet needs in the diagnostic industry and is committed to contributing to the reliable diagnosis of a number of diseases, including HIV and malaria in Africa.

Where Implemented

Atomo has developed AtomoRapid™HIV and AtomoRapid™Malaria and is commercially available throughout Africa. AtomoRapid™HIV uses a WHO pre-qualified, antibody test to detect HIV 1&2 in human whole blood, serum or plasma and is a highly sensitive screening test that performs well when deployed in the field. AtomoRapid ™Malaria is the world’s first integrated rapid malaria test designed to improve ease of use and efficacy of in-field testing for malaria. The test is highly sensitive in accordance with WHO standards and its integrated design makes self-testing easy and reliable in remote settings.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

AtomoRapid™ tests are simple, safe and accurate. As Best in Show, and the winner of the In Vitro Diagnostics Category at this year’s Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA), the world’s most prestigious Medical Design awards, and were awarded first in the Anthill Smart 100 Index.  Atomo Diagnostics are changing the face of testing locally and worldwide through its focus on ease of use.

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