Apple has acquired a personal health data startup, Gliimpse, which lets users store, update and share their health data with their caregivers, reported Fast Company.

The Silicon Valley-based Gliimpse was launched in 2013 by Karthik Hariharan and ex-Apple employee Anil Sethi, and has built a secure platform that enables consumers to collect and manage their own medical records and information and share it with their medical professionals, friends and family.

Sethi explained on his LinkedIn page that the company was created to help his little sister manage data connected with her breast cancer treatment.

“As a consumer of healthcare, I leave behind a bread-crumb-trail of medical info wherever I’ve been seen. But, I’m unable to easily access or share my own data,” wrote Sethi.

“Obamacare is one of several forcing functions federally mandating physicians and hospitals to give us our data: meds, labs, allergies. However, there’s no single Electronic Health Record that all physicians use, sigh. Worse, there isn’t even a common file format across a 1000+ systems,” continued Sethi.

Apple acquired Gliimpse for an undisclosed amount earlier this year but has only just confirmed the deal. While Apple hasn’t made its intentions clear for Gliimpse, the acquisition is expected to boost Apple’s efforts in digital health.

Earlier in August Apple filed a patent for a health wearable device following an article in the Economic Daily News which claimed that Apple is developing a new product that would measure heart rate, blood sugar and other health-related data.

In 2014 Apple unveiled its health platform, HealthKit, a tool which allows users to use their health and fitness information obtained from other health apps. Apple has also teamed up with hospitals and doctors to build a ResearchKit, a research-tracking app for common diseases like Asthma, Parkinson’s and breast cancer.

This year the tech giant also revealed a new CareKit platform which allows developers to create healthcare apps that enable people to actively manage their medical conditions.

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