Apple is set to introduce its long awaited health and fitness app and platform, ‘Healthbook’, this week.

‘Healthbook’ is expected to be more than just a device or an app — rather a whole system for integrating health and fitness data across Apple’s product lines, complete with long-term trending and charting of a person’s health and fitness progress.

“Over the next year it’s likely that Apple will be introducing a biosensing wearable as well as the Healthbook platform,” says Halle Tecco, the CEO and co-founder of the digital health start up accelerator Rock Health. “For this week, it’s probably just the platform. We are excited about both/either products, because having a company like Apple in healthcare can really help move the industry forward.”

There’s been recent speculation about when Apple will officially enter the health and fitness monitoring market. Rumours have suggested an app, rather than a device, called ‘Healthbook’. Such an app could monitor vitals such as weight, heart rate, sleep, and nutrition. It may also track more clinical vitals such as blood pressure, blood sugar and respiratory rate.

Other rumours suggest a new iWatch wearable that would track the user’s steps, workouts, stress levels and a host of other body metrics.

‘Healthbook‘ is expected to  launch as part of iOS 8 during the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC 14) taking place June 2-6 in San Francisco.

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