US-based eHealth startup, Groove Health has developed a free to use smartphone app that not only reminds users to take their medication and alerts them about potential drug interactions, but it also has an AI-powered bot that can answer any medication related questions.

Groove Health was founded in 2016 by CEO Andrew Hourani following the news that one of his family members was diagnosed with a heart condition that required regular medication.

“When you’re diagnosed with something new like that, it’s a big shock in terms of the way you have to live your daily life. I watched him struggle with specifically the medication regimen that’s required to treat a chronic disease,” said Hourani during an interview with Chicago Inno.

“Our goal is to help patients take their medication more often. It gives users a lot of cool features that make the daily headache of taking medications a lot easier,” continued Hourani.

After raising a seed funding round of $1.6 million in 2017, the startup was able to develop the app and launch beta testing trials.

Through the app, which was officially released for Android and Apple devices in December 2018, users can stay on track with their medication by scheduling reminders for medication as well as update their virtual medication list from Groove Health’s database. Users can also view their medication history to see what they took and if any doses were skipped. There’s also the option to share their medication list with trusted healthcare providers, caregivers and family members.

The app automatically alerts the user if a newly-added medication has a potential interaction with an existing drug list to help prevent medication errors. There’s also a food information functionality that informs the user of which foods or beverages to avoid with their specific medication.

One of the most interesting features of the app is Maxwell, the AI-powered medication assistant that can answer questions about medication and direct the user to reliable resources where they can learn about their medication and health. Maxwell also tracks how often the user takes their medication and sends tailored content to address their specific behaviour.

While the Groove Health app is free to download, the organisation generates revenue by selling their platform to employers, health insurance companies and healthcare systems. These organisations can then customise the app for their specific employees or patients.

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