The Allied Healthcare Association of South Africa (AHASA) Member agencies have extensive knowledge in working with various healthcare institutions to recruit and manage their workforce. Their members are some of the largest TES providers in South Africa and have in-depth experience and knowledge of the industry, bringing together competent, professional and cost-effective workforce solutions.

Where Implemented

AHASA operationalized in November 1994 and is registered as a non-profit organisation. Its main office is based in Johannesburg, Gauteng and has expanded to have representation in Western Cape and Free State.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

AHASA has made great strides towards formalising the nursing and healthcare TES industry, giving clients and work-seekers, the confidence that the agency they partner with is legally compliant and has appropriate standards and procedures in place to provide a quality service to the health institution and work-seeker. This is what can be expected from AHASA Members:

Legal Compliance

AHASA membership hinges on compliance of the TES in terms of statutory regulations and meeting minimum operational standards to protect clients, work seekers and the image of the industry as a whole. Compliance to all employment regulations is an entry requirement for membership and must be validated before a membership certificate is issued.

Access to latest industry updates

AHASA holds membership of Confederation of Associations in the Private Employment Sector (CAPES) and ensures that its members are at the forefront of legislation and compliance. CAPES, as the industry body, has been heading up the NEDLAC negotiations relating to the proposed regulation for the employment sector and is perfectly positioned to provide AHASA Members and their clients – with accurate, up-to-date information about the impending changes to the industry.

Quality and Standards

Dedicated to driving compliance and creating an awareness of ethical and legally compliant TES, AHASA provides best practices and policy standards to ensure that minimum practices are implemented by its members’ operations. This includes a developmental needs assessment for all nursing categories which is an essential tool for a TES to assess a candidate’s theoretical knowledge.

Annual Inspections

All AHASA Members participate in an annual and voluntary inspection to validate appropriate statutory regulations and to ensure that high standards are maintained. The inspection tool is aligned with the Department of Labour’s checklist for Private Employment Agency (PEA) in terms of the Skills Development Act, as well as CAPES’ criteria to operate a recruitment company. This self-regulatory mechanism has been received positively by stakeholders and, as such, sets AHASA members apart from the rest. In so doing, it ensures that the highest levels of compliance and competency are in place.

Ethics and Professionalism

Choosing to work with an AHASA Member will provides the healthcare industry with the assurance and peace of mind that the agency has undergone stringent compliance checks and is accountable to the AHASA Code of Ethics and Pledge. The Code is recognised by The Ethics Institute of South Africa and includes principles which guide the industry so as to maintain high standards of ethics and ensure honest dealings at all times. In the event of a dispute with a member agency, a client or work-seeker may lodge a complaint with AHASA. In turn, the member agency will be investigated by AHASA’s Ethics Committee.

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