Israel-based mHealth start-up, MD Algorithms,  has developed an app, called MDacne, designed to help people better understand the cause of and to treat their acne.

The iPhone app begins with a questionnaire to determine the user’s skin condition and then prompts them to upload a selfie for image analysis.

The app then develops a customised skin care plan by recommending a combination of over the counter medication, daily tips and reminders.

Through the app’s selfie tracker the users can see how their skin improves over time.

Users can pay a premium subscription plan to gain access to additional dermatologist video tutorials; daily treatment reminders; daily treatment tips; and daily treatment selfie check-ups that monitor and helps maintain treatment commitment.

“We started one year ago with 100 acne patients. We worked with them to take photos and on image analysis,” said Dermatologist and Co-founder of MD Algorithms, Dr Yorman Harth.

Since the app’s soft launch in December 2015, it has attracted over 10,000 users, with majority of them residing in the US.

“In the future our vision is that this will be the first step for anyone with acne. We see it as a long-term personal assistant for acne,” said CEO at MD Algorithms, Oded Harth.

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