The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) has announced  that 70 healthcare technology companies have now signed the PSMF’s Open Data Pledge to improve patient safety.

The 70 companies that have made the PSMF’s Open Data Pledge are committed to allowing access to the data generated by their medical devices for researchers and entrepreneurs that seek to improve patient monitoring and care.

By sharing data from their products, in accordance with applicable patient privacy laws, these companies help further the development of predictive algorithms that can notify clinicians and patients of dangerous trends and thus enable earlier interventions.

The companies that have signed the pledge thus far include CernerGE HealthcareIBM Watson HealthOracle and Philips Healthcare. A complete list of organisations can be found here.

“Predictive algorithms will be key in rapidly eliminating preventable patient deaths,” said Founder of the PSMF, Joe Kiani.

“I am extremely grateful to the leaders of these 70 companies that are putting patients first by publicly signing the Open Data Pledge. These companies understand the urgency in what needs to be achieved and are leading the way in creating the patient data superhighway that will help us reach zero patient deaths by the year 2020,” continued Kiani.

The PSMF encourages healthcare technology companies to share the data that their products are purchased for. They do so without disclosing any proprietary algorithms or protected data, subject to applicable patient privacy laws. Companies can make their pledge online here.

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